Operations Management

Operations administration refer to a group of ways that yield and convey goods and services in an attempt to pursue explicit objectives. Services mean a lot to a company or any other profit and non-profit making organizations. Excellent operations help an organization to make high profits while poor processes lead to wastage of resources which results in wasteful resources. In a worst case scenario, weak procedures can lead to an exit of a company in the market. Therefore, it's imperative for any business to have the excellent management of its operations if it wants to remain viable (Bovee and Courtland 90). As a result of the importance of this fundamental skill in any company, that is why Apple Company has developed excellent operation methods. This has enabled the company to survive financially for years.

Operations management being the improvement, performance, and preservation of efficient processes related to actions done in a company to achieve the set goals and objectives, company Apple has come up with the latest operation management. The process management has seen it develop the most recent computer software, consumer electronics and other online services that are cost effective (Cotton and David 79). For Apple Company to come up with such a solid operations management, it has developed a modern customer interface that has enabled it to come up with services that directly interface with their clients. The services are made available right at the time the customer needs them. Secondly, the Company has highly customized its products and services. This has helped the company to enjoy economies of scale and thus to lower its cost of production. In return, the firm can offer goods and services in the market at a relatively fair price.  Thirdly, Apple Company has been able to give priority to customer demands and wants. This has enabled the company to produce the best-preferred products and services in the market thus it's the world's largest producer of computer accessories and other related goods and services in the whole world.

For the institution to come up with a superb business model, it has tried its level best to increase its effectiveness and trying to reduce the risks involved in the production. To make this possible, the company has come up with a way of making many things right. It has tried its level best to use the resources at its disposal effectively and efficiently and through the production of high-quality services and goods and finally through maintenance of a reliable supply chain through keeping things straightforward and proper risk management (Cotton and David 35). Also, the company has developed an excellent way of dealing with individual situations by having a good project management, the establishment of a unique outsourcing relationship. The company has been able to come up with a positive way to respond to pressure, and develop latest applications and ensuring that it doesn't remain complacent.

A process is an assortment of procedures that are connected by the Association of goods and information that convert various inputs into useful and more reliable outputs. Apple Company has come up with a well-defined process that has limited deviations or individual cases. It clearly and practically involves all its employees, managers, and other stakeholders and brings together their operations to come up with a clear documentation (Bovee and Courtland 89). A clear documentation helps the company to come up with an excellent program for employee training and a good way of assessing the performance of their employees. The process that the corporation has adopted has seen a smooth transition of raw materials into finished products and services.

Delays in the company have been minimized and as a result, the production process is made faster and efficient. The main reason as to why Apple Company has remained the world's largest information technology company is because it has designed processes that perfectly match their goals. Apple Company deals with a variety of products ranging from hardware products, consumer software, and other media player devices. Therefore, the firm has come up with a proper system of dealing with shared resources. Employees are forced to work on a multiple of products and services to ensure that all goods and services the company produces are of equal quality and sell better in the market. This has helped the company to brand itself nicely in the market. Apple Company has been able to design a process that has matched the products and services it produces. This is made possible by the company reducing its waste of material to increase the efficiency of its goods and services. The company has been able to deal with the problem of over production. Thus it has been able to save the company unnecessarily losses. Due to the global demand for its goods and services, the company has been able to come up with an efficient process of transferring its finished goods and services to the potential marketplaces.