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Essay, 24 hours, Junior
I needed an extremely British essay with an extremely British grammar, and so I got it. First, I wasn`t sure that it would be okay to use it as a helper, but in 24 hours I got completely assured that it was the most correct decision during the college years. I wish, I also had a discount, because I had to pay more for the urgency than the usual price. But after all, it was great.
French essay, one week, Master`s
Extraordinary, professional with supportive help - working with the lucky assignments resource was a great idea from the early beginning. Most of the paper was ready before the deadline, but we both wanted to make sure that there are no errors and that no corrections would be needed. Simply and professionally, just how I like to keep the business going.
New Zeland
Essay, 48 hours, Senior
No way I was getting a bad grade just because I had forgotten to write down a single essay. What a pleasure I got a skillful hand from LuckyAssignments service. Although, I did not get a discount nor a lowered price for my order (it was guaranteed on their web-site). Instead, I got a professionally combined essay with samples on requested topic. Maybe next time I will also get a discount, who knows, right?
Great Britain
Dissertation proofreading, 7 days, Master`s
Five out of five mistakes were found while the editor on this resource was proofreading my dissertation. I knew I could rely on them. I was updated with the process of writing almost 24/7 and there was no chance of deadline moving or something like that. Glad, that I decided to use exactly this place.
the UK
Book report and review, 48 hours, Freshman
Based on Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, both the review and the report should have been ready in 48 hours and should have had explicit examples with quotations and samples from the text. My papers had all of those. Yet, the only thing they have completely forgotten about was the book report. Still, they added it straight after I had reminded them.
United Arab Emirates
Research paper, 4 days, Freshman
During the winter season I had ordered a lot of papers on different resources. As for my opinion, this place has brought the best achievements for me in college. Being a student in the UAE places a lot of stress and obligation on one, so no wonder you try to find some solutions to get more time for other subjects. I ordered full completion of a research paper and I got it. Though, I didn`t care about the price cause it was less than $1000. A huge ocean of thanks to this place!