Invasions Privacy

Invasion of privacy happens when there is an intrusion upon reasonable expectations to be left alone. It occurs when a person come across another person private and confidential information and decided to share it with other people (Barenboim, 2016). The information shared may damage the reputation and the image of the other person or cause harm it is a violation of privacy. Legal invasion of privacy occurs when private information is obtained for the benefit of the public or to protect the public from danger. Having access to citizen’s communication gadgets to prevent crime and terrorist attacks it is therefore a justifiable action to legal invasion of privacy. Importantly, monitoring the people's online activities and having surveillance cameras on people households and streets is another legitimate act of privacy invasion if the intention is to protect the public.

Surveillance for making sure that people stay or operate within the law is reasonable action or privacy invasion. Most terrorist and criminals conduct their activities in dark places and houses that have surveillance cameras. Importantly, most of the apartments and estates that are coming up have surveillance cameras, and nearly every street has a CCTV camera that records the activities taking place in that area. For instance, if a person is carjacked on a highway with CCTV cameras and the authorities use the data recorded by the camera to identify the criminal then it is reasonable that surveillance is necessary to make sure that people stay within the law.

Further, the authorities use the surveillance cameras to prevent terrorist attacks that can lead to high loss of life. The authorities can track the activities of a suspected person to identify if he or she pose a threat to the public. The surveillance means that can be used at this point include cameras recording his or her phone conversations (Barenboim, 2016). For instance, in Rio, the police arrested more than 12 suspected terrorist because the police were able to track suspicious online activities, phone conversations, and messages that raised many questions. The suspected terrorist was planning an Olympic attack. Consequently, the Paris terror attack masterminds Mohamed Cabrini was arrested in Belgium thanks to the airport surveillance cameras. It proves that monitoring can be used to prevent terrorist attacks and arrest criminals.  

The reflection between surveillance and moral activities is a complicated issue. Some control helps the government and parents keep track and consequently reinforce healthy habits (Rainie, 2016). On the contrary, monitoring for proper control at sometimes hinder moral development through steering people away from the saintly ideal of genuine actions. For instance, a parent installing a CCTV camera in the bedroom of his or her daughter or son to check if he or she is abusing drugs is a justifiable action. Importantly, when the government records people conversation and text messages over the phone of arrest drug peddlers is also a reasonable action for privacy as it tries to protect the public from substance abuse.

Some people will argue that saintly ideal is utopia. Importantly, it is true that some real heaven does not help government and individuals with specific and concrete problems such as how to ensure people pay taxes, how to keep drunk and overspending drivers off the road. Importantly they take a stock of where people are, where they are going, and if they can or want to head further in that direction (Rainie, 2016). Likewise, an ideal college is one where each student is interested in learning the extrinsic motivators to encourage them to study hard rather than surveillance to discourage cheating. Consequently, an ideal society can be one where each citizen pays taxes freely and cheerfully the way they pay their dues in clubs. However, such settings are not available hence the surveillance for people to pay taxes and for students not to cheat in the exam.

Each year most people lose their life because of unhealthy lifestyles, work, or injuries from industrial accidents. Importantly, because most sicknesses are as a result of the people and are not mostly related to work, it is hard to determine how the government or the organization can carry out relevant measures on health surveillance if the workers are working on particular physical hazards or with dangerous substances (Kerr, 2014). Importantly, if a person is working on physical hazards and potentially hazardous materials it is important that they be aware of the health risks, and they should be given enough time to attend the organization's health surveillance programs if necessary. Importantly, the employees can me served with a questionnaire o they can be inspected by the responsible people to determine whether their health is okay to enable them to do such kind of work.

Importantly, when setting up the health surveillance programs, it is important that the management involves the staff and employees in the organization and other interested parties. Therefore, it is important that the administration of the authorities conduct a health surveillance to ensure that the health of the citizens and workers is perfect (Rainie, 2016). Consequently, it warrants that the residents can give birth to children who are healthy to enable the economy of the nation to grow. Similarly, involving the employees and the citizens an early stage ensures that they are cooperative to the program.

Surveillance to make sure that people that people are happy is a controversial topic. It is hard to identify what make an individual happy. Importantly, what makes people happy is not makes the other person happy. Someone might become happy because of attending a movie show while another might become happy because of going to swim. However, some people are happy when they infringe on the rights of other people (Kerr, 2014). For instance, some people abuse minors sexually to be happy. This is unacceptable, and these people should be jailed. The ill-treatment of juveniles warranties the surveillance to make sure people are happy.

In conclusion, surveillance involves the use of cameras, audio devices, monitoring people’s online activities, monitoring individual bank statements, and phone records to identify suspicious activities. Invasion of privacy occurs when there is an intrusion upon reasonable expectations to be left alone. Surveillance to make sure that people stay or act within the law is a justifiable act to invade people privacy. It helps capture terrorist and criminals because they are recorded and can be easily identified. Further, surveillance to ensure that people stay morally upright is important as it prevents activities such as drug abuse and prostitution. Likewise, monitoring to make sure that people stay healthy is important, as it will ensure people engage in healthy activities. Surveillance to makes sure that people are happy is important as it protects the less fortunate in the society.